Walks in the surroundings

Has the wheather been so perfect or you just do not want to spend the whole trip in the interiors? Konopiště offers many interesting ways for your walks in the surroundings – no matter if you have your children with you or you just want to have some romantic walk with your beloved person.

A view, that you can not miss and will surely be admired by your offsprings is the view from the palace moat. Konopiště is one of the Bohemian palaces that can be proud on the fact that it is being protected by bears. Two big animals, one of them is named Kazimír and is from Poland and the other is a slovakian lady Máša, are admired by all the visitors. You will see them even before you enter the palace and you may spend your time (e.g. when waiting for the sightseeing) by watching them.

For the romantic visitors, who appreciate the beauty of flowers and garden architecture, the palace offers a walk in the famous gardens and hothouses. The rose gardens, which in the spring fill the palace area with the wonderful smell, were founded in the 18th century. The former owners built French and Italian gardens on the place of todays park. The final looks of the park were designed by the Vienna gardener Karl  Mössmer, who designed the park on the order of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Visitors may thank to him, that they may walk through the park, which is as large as 255 hectars. The park offers shades made by traditional and even foreign trees and bushes. You will feel the strange energy during the walks, because an execution area was there in the past.  A nice haromny with the tree trunks (there are 158 deciduos trees and 68 coniferous trees) is made by the scupltures exhibited in the park, that had been brought there from the whole Europe and complement the atmosphere of your walk.

Except the refresment in the shades of the high trees and except your walk in the greenish grass and nicely smelling roses, you may visit also the Konopiště hothouses. They are built on the area of 1200 metres squared and were constructed for tropical plants. It is an attraction that was for long time not available for public, it was opened in the late seventies. Only ten years ago the hothouses were reconstructed and in 2000 opened for public again.

In case you do not like walking, but you would like to see the beauties of the palace´s surroundings, Konopiště offers even another possibility for you. It is the ride on the touristic train. When you buy a ticket for the main track, you will ride two kilometres in the open-air carriages of the train (approximately 15 minutes) and you will see the most beautiful parts of the Konopiště area. The train will carry you to the palace´s park, then through the dam of the fishpond to the rose garden and from there straight in front of the palaces gate. This possibility is attractive the more for those with health problems, because the road from the parking place to the palace is very steep and even strong people must consider, that it takes approximately ten minutes.