Palace sightseeing

Visiting the palace is the main reason why thousands of tourist travel to Konopiště every year. Everybody will find something of interest, those who like the traditional sightseeing and even those who like some untraditional experiences.

Normally, there are three sightseeing paths in Konopiště palace.

In the first one, during which you will see ten chambers and which takes approximately fifty minutes, you will be introduced to the representative halls of the southern part of the palace. The real jewell of those chambers is the great dining chamber. It is the biggest representative hall in the palace and sometimes it is called as Lobkowitz hall. One of the things that make the hall so majestic is the ceiling fresco painting and you may admire also the rococo marble fireplaces. During this sightseeing you will visit the private chambers of countess Chotková that are called by romantic names, such as the Rose chamber or A small workroom. And you may look forward to another chambers, such as the unique Pillar hall.

The northern part of the palace and its halls are a part of the second sightseeing path, which takes approximately five minutes longer than the first one. The second path includes chambers which had been used mainly as chambers for guests. You may admire the parlor, bedroom, palace´s chapell or the big armory during this sightseeing.

The palace is proud on its personal lift, that was installed there in 1900. It is an hydraulic lift being operated by the pressurised water, that was running between the groundfloor and other three floors of the palace building.

The oriental atmosphere is given to the second path by the chamber called Harem,which is richly decorated by the tapestry from Persia,  Turkey or India, that were gathered on the exotic trips of the archduke. The great armory (also being called „Estovska armory“)is also worth mentioning. It is one of the most valuable and interesting collection of weapons in the world. The archduke inherited the majority of the collection and there are exhibits of all main european productions from the 16th and 17th centuries. The northern part, which can be seen during the second sightseeing, is the oldest part of the Konopiště palace.

The last sightseeing is aimed on the private aparments of Franz Ferdinand and his family. You may see there, how the nobility at the beginning of the 20th century lived. You will have a look at the hunting and portraits corridor and you will find out how the aristocratic bedrooms, bathrooms and changing rooms with other closets looked like. One of the most interesting chambers, the so called Horn chamber, shows how much the archduke loved the hunt. The chamber is decorated by thousands of horns of young deers, that all had been shot by the archduke himself and which were installed by him as well.

A real bonus attraction in Konopiště is the shooting range, that is unique in the whole republic. It was built again by Franz Ferdinand at the beginning of the 20th century. He was, logically, a passionate shooter and that´s why he modified the stables and formed  a shooting range there. He had a collection of entertaining colorful targets for various types of shooting been brought from Vienna. Anyway, the archduke marked every space in the palace with his passion for shooting. You may see there a uniquely large collection of hunting trophies and very valuable armory.

The sightseeings are closed with the gallery of Saint George, to which a very fascinating story is bound.