Interesting collection

A real jewell for those, who like excentric people and untraditional things, is the Saint George Gallery (Galerie svatého Jiří), which is available on Konopiště palace. Very interesting history is bound to this gallery.

The archduke Franz Ferdinand was very happy to show, that he is very good at something. He was a real master-hunter and that´s why he placed all his trophies in Konopiště; he was a rich nobleman and that´s why he changed and reconstructed the whole palace in very luxurious way. And in this „race“ of exceptionality between the nobility the Saint George Gallery was founded.

The archduke knew, that the English king George owns the unique collection of items that belong to the Saint George. And what is more, this collection was the largest of its kind in the world. However, the archduke Franz Ferdinand had decided, that he would make a collection even greater.

He begun to buy any items that were anyhow bound to the Saint, who, according to the legend, killed the dragon. Tens of sculptures, pictures, dishes, graves, weapons, coins and other items on which the Saint George was depicted were gathered in the gallery. So you may find very valuable items right next to those, that are of no value in this gallery. If you want to count all those things exhibited there, you will need plenty of time, because there are more than thousand things.

However, the story about a collection passion that was very expensive for even such a nobleman as Franz Ferdinand d´Este was, did not end happily. Before the archduke managed to show his collection to a person, who actually brought the idea to him – the English king, he was shot in the sadly famous assassination in Sarajevo.